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Job Openings

Consultant Advisor
-Positions: 1
-Description: We need someone well versed in c++ to consult and advise on this projest. You will not be required to program but you may have to review code. Knowledge of GUI's is preferable.
-Qualifications: Proficiant with c++, knowledgable of Make, CVS and GUI's.
-Status: Filled

-Positions: 2-3
-Description: We need programers to help with the project. Preferably of intermediate experience, still in the process of learning c++. (ie, passed Programming II in college or self taught at that level) -Qualifications: compotent with c++. Knowledgable of Make, CVS and GUI's would be helpful.
-Status: Open

-Positions: 1
-Description: We need artist for ingame graphics, as well as manual art. 3d rendering skills are NOT required.
-Qualifications: Can make graphics. Artistic
-Status: Open

-Postions: 1-2
-Description: We need writers, and people who have a creative talent for storylines and plots. Specifically with an interest in Sci-fi and/or fantasy. Need to be able to work with others on litarary works, and work within previously implimented story lines.
-Qualifications: Can read/write English well. Creative and can play well with others.
-Status: Open
If you are intersted in any of these jobs of think you may have skills that could help out, email the project leader at